According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the leading causes of unintentional injuries and deaths among children in the U.S. are falls, drowning, burns, poisoning, suffocation and motor vehicle accidents. These unintentional accidents injure at least 9.2 million children, with ages ranging from 0 to 17, every year, while causing the death of at least 12,000 more.

Falls are mostly due to riding toys while suffocation is caused by small parts in toys (riding toys are actually the no. 1 cause for toy-related deaths). Aside from these, toy nails, pegs and rubber balls also cause fatalities and severe injuries. In 2005, about 20 children died due to toy-related injuries, while another 217,000 required treatment in emergency rooms; in 2006, toy-related fatalities went up to 22, while injuries, to 220,050 (about 165,100 of these injuries, which included lacerations, bruising and abrasions, with the head and face as the most affected areas, happened to children under the age of 15).

Children’s toys and nursery items, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), have always been named as cause of injury and death in children, especially those aged 15 and below. From 2007 to 2010, millions of toys were recalled by the CPSC due to the dangers these presented, like sharp edges that could cause laceration injuries, small parts that were considered as choking hazards, and toxic substances and chemical contents that exceeded the limits set by the federal government. The CPSC is the agency charged with enforcing toy safety standards laws; these laws set the guidelines on the required size of children’s toys, the inaccessibility of the toys’ batteries and magnets to small children, the noise and toxicity limits, and the display of labels containing the possible risks of choking hazards.

Unlike food items and medicine, many local and foreign manufacturers do not state information regarding any possible harmful elements in the label of their toys. This leaves American consumers without any clue regarding the actual safety of the toys that they buy for their children.

The Toronto personal injury lawyers of Mazin & Associates PC explain that, in litigations seeking damages for injuries committed against children, the best interests of the child should always be kept in mind. This means ensuring maximum financial compensation which will allow the child to receive the best rehabilitation possible so that he/she can focus on treatment and recovery. Based on the severity of the injury, treatment may include pediatric neurologists, specialists in education, speech language pathologists and other physicians.

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Until the late 1970’s, asbestos based materials were widely used in building homes due to their heat resistant properties. However, since it has been found to cause mesothelioma cancer and other diseases, it has been banned from use. People renovating their older homes sometimes find asbestos in their homes when taking down walls or completing other projects, which can pose a great danger if dust with asbestos fibers is breathed in. There are steps you can take if you find asbestos in your home.

The simplest thing you can do is not touch anything possibly contaminated with asbestos. If the materials in your home containing asbestos are in good condition and have not been touched, they often do not pose any health risk. But if the materials begin showing signs of wear and tear or deterioration, take the proper precautions to ensure you are not exposed to asbestos fibers.

Precautions include not using power tools, high pressured hoses, cutting tools, or compressed air. If the asbestos is found while working on a roof, do not attempt to walk over it as you may risk falling through the roof and releasing the fibers into the air. If you must work around the asbestos fibers, ensure the materials are thoroughly wet down to minimize release into the air.

One of the best precautions you can take is to have the specific materials tested for asbestos by a professional lab, who can also inform you on how to correctly remove and take a sample safely. If it is found that materials in your home do contain asbestos, it is important that you hire a professional to remove it. Although it is permitted to remove asbestos on your own, removing them can risk releasing more asbestos fibers into the air putting you, your family, and even your neighbors in great danger. Exposure to asbestos fibers can not only cause the disease asbestosis but mesothelioma cancer that is often fatal to those diagnosed with it. This is why it is crucial to hire a professional to properly remove and dispose of asbestos containing materials.

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Car manufacturers and tire companies have a responsibility to their consumers to produce quality products that individuals can rely on. Unfortunately, negligent manufacturers can be responsible for the injury or death of unsuspecting individuals by producing faulty products. Tire defects can cause serious injury to a vehicle, passengers or operators of an automobile, and bystanders near the incident.

According to the website of Pohl & Berk, the most common tire defects include treat separation, weak support cables in tires, defective rubber composites, and side wall defects. Many of these defects are unable to be identified before an incident occurs, leaving the victims of these accidents unable to protect themselves from the impending danger.

One such unpredictable incident is a zipper failure. This usually occurs during inflation but can also happen while a vehicle is in motion. The resulting explosion leaves the sides of the tire looking shredded and similar to a zipper, thus the origin of the name. A similar, more deadly, explosion is referred to as a multi-piece wheel explosion. These involve the rim of the tire and some nickname this type of accident the “widow-maker.”

Another tire defect is called a bead failure. These are low pressure explosions that most often occur during inflation of the tire. When these types of failures occur near a flat surface, such as a road, the debris of tire pieces and trim can cause serious injuries to individuals in the near vicinity. There are cases of amputation of limbs, severe brain injury, and the breaking of bones.

Tire manufacturers that sell faulty product are responsible for the physical and emotional damages caused as a result of their products. Consult an attorney in your area if you or a loved one was injured in an accident due to a tire defect. It is important to understand your legal options in order to receive compensation for the damages caused by negligent companies.

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Actos, a medication used and prescribed for those with type-2 diabetes, has faced a great number of lawsuits after it have been uncovered that it causes serious side effects and endangered the health of their patients. It supposedly helped by maintaining the level of glucose in the body. Although manufactured by a Japanese company Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, it has remained one of the popular oral medications in the United States.

Reports have surfaced that even before being marketed, Actos already was linked to heart failure and bladder cancer. A 10 year study has concluded that even just after a year of taking Actos, a patient have 40 percent increased risk of bladder cancer, and this is aside from the black-box warning due to its connection to heart failure that is issued by the FDA in the United States. Because of this, many patients have hired their Actos lawyer and field a case against the manufacturer of the drug because of their negligence and failure to warn their patients.

As the number of patients suffering from complications brought about by Actos, many have turned to find help in thing Actos lawyer. Those who suffer from life-threatening bladder cancer caused by taking Actos have the right to sue the manufacturer and distributor for product liability claims. Such claims cover those that cause danger or harm to their patients. The website of this Sheboygan personal injury lawyer states that manufacturers of any type of products who have neglected their responsibility of ensuring the safety of their product can be held liable for personal injury claims.

Despite the warnings and lawsuits, the FDA has yet to recall Actos on the market and it is still available. Although physicians are no longer prescribing Actos to their patients, the dangers that come with Actos is still present as long as it stays in the market.

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