BP Lawsuit Update

Recent news regarding the BP oil spill reports of the possible increase in fines. United States district Judge Carl Barbier from New Orleans has ruled BP Plc is mainly at fault for the rig explosion that occurred off the coast of Louisiana in April 20, 2012. The accident caused a total of 11 casualties and enough gallons of oil to cover a number of shorelines along the Gulf of Mexico. Because of this, many business and non-profit organizations, as well as private individuals, have suffered.

The new court ruling is adding $18 billion more in fines to the $42 billion in total charges that the BP Plc is paying after causing what is considered the worst offshore environmental disaster in the history of the United States. And this may be another big blow for the oil company, since earlier this year there has been changes or revisions in the process of calculating the payment for claimants. The new policy, called Policy 495, aims to review and reassess the settlement of claimants. This would also possibly help in allowing claimants who was earlier denied to file an appeal for their damages and losses.

Because of the new updates and revisions in the settlement and process, those who have been denied of their compensation by the BP Plc may not have a chance of filing an appeal. Getting a BP claim appeal lawyer would be the best way to understand and clearly file an appeal. Since the rules are still changing and court proceedings are still ongoing, having legal advice and guidance would ensure that the claims appeal would not go to waste and all the efforts will end in a positive result. The new decision by the US court has prompted BP to file for an appeal, and the process may take more time to completely close.

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