One of the most important criteria in selecting the right candidate to fill up vacancies is job knowledge. During the interview, the recruiter will ask questions to help them determine whether the candidate is knowledgeable about the job they are applying for. For most organizations, it is important for their employees to know about the job assigned to them. In order to assess job knowledge of an applicant, a recruiter will perform a series of tests.

Job knowledge provides an employer with a wide range of productivity benefits. From time to time, the responsibilities that an employee may perform may change or evolve. New procedures may be added as well as new technology may be integrated into the workflow. For this reason, it is important for management to keep track of the quality and accuracy of an employee’s job knowledge. This will help them in evaluating their job performance and compare it with company benchmarks.

Functional employment testing can help employers gauge job knowledge of a prospective employee. The knowledge, expertise, and skills of an employee play a vital role in the success of the job. The application of these attributes to their work can also contribute to its success. When evaluating job knowledge, it is the job of the employer to determine how close the current job description is with the assigned task of a worker.

In most instances, training in job knowledge may be mandated and regulated by government agencies. If a worker thinks that their responsibility to accomplish a task that may fall under safety regulations but is not certified or trained for them, the employer may face stiff fines or penalties. Thus, employers are ethically responsible for conducting a fair and accurate match of a job description with the required job knowledge. This could also result to the employee getting fired for failing to carry out the duties of his job description.

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