Reckless Driving as a Cause of Car Accidents

Reckless driving is one of the major causes of car accidents in the United States. Unlike mechanical failures, reckless driving seem to be intentional. It is as if Americans are willingly putting themselves into danger because they believe they are immune to car crashes. We all know that they are not, especially because traffic accidents are well-documented in day to day news.


The most common form of reckless driving is speeding. A faster vehicle is harder to control, not to mention that the fastness itself can make the impact worse. You can’t easily avoid the impact because a speeding vehicle takes longer to stop. Though swerving can prevent a collision, you can still hit another object in your new trajectory.

Excessive speed can also cause the driver to lose control during a turn, sending it spinning on the road or rolling over the embankment. Rollover accidents can be very fatal. Drivers end up trapped in the vehicles or ejected.

Sometimes, speeding is not just about going over the speeding limit. The road conditions are also to be considered. If the road is wet because of rain, drivers should be extra careful.

Improper lane changing

If a driver fails to signal before changing lanes, he is giving others around him very little time to react. This could potentially cause an accident. At its worst, it can be a chain reaction involving multiple vehicles. Not because a driver signals that he is about to change lane he already has the right to do so. There are instances where unsafe lane changes have caused accidents as well.

Improper passing

Reckless drivers also have the tendency to pass other vehicles in an unsafe manner. This is a similar idea to improper lane changing. Reckless drivers are giving the motorists around them a few seconds to react, and a mistake in those seconds is enough to cause an accident.

The worst cases of improper passing involve vehicles that veer into the opposite direction just to pass the vehicle in front of them, resulting into a head-on collision with oncoming vehicles.

According to the website of Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC, reckless drivers can be held liable for their actions. That is perhaps the only good news we can hear about reckless driving, because it’s always about injury, death, destroyed properties, inaccessible roads due to debris, and stalled traffic. It is mind-boggling why Americans continue to drive recklessly when the consequences are clearly devastating.

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