Road Reminders

Sometimes, avoiding a car accident is as easy as all of the public service announcements say it is. Most of the things they say not to do while driving are not only highly publicized, but also illegal. In case you forgot or have become desensitized to the ad campaigns that state the obvious, here’s a refresher.

Do not text while driving. It does not matter if you are late to an outing and your friends angrily keep texting you wondering where you are. The sad part is most of the time that is not even the case. Many people are responding to a casual conversation while driving. Knowing “what’s up” with an old high school friend is not worth getting into an accident.

Now that ride-sharing companies are taking off everywhere across the country, there is no excuse to drive under the influence anymore. If you know you and your friends are going to drink heavily, get an Uber or Lyft and avoid driving altogether. Better yet, if someone in the friend group is not up for drinking that night, carpool to save some money.

Surely you have heard of the click it or ticket campaign, and so has your local police officer. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a ticket is given out for not wearing your seat belt every other second. Not wearing a seatbelt is more trouble than it is worth. Newer cars make hard to tolerate beeping sounds if the driver or passenger does not fasten his or her seatbelt.

Speed limits are put in place for a reason. They are not arbitrary, no matter what your friend that gets a speeding ticket every other month says. Instead of looking at speed limits as a nuisance, try thinking about all the time and money you will save by going a few miles slower.

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